Dr Kuenker How the Ideal Protein Protocol Can Compliment a Primary Care Practice

Ideal Protein provider Dr. Ann Kuenker shares her experience with the Ideal Protein Protocol, the importance of obesity counseling between physicians and patients and how successful weight loss has impacted the lives of her patients.


Dr. Timothy Logemann Discusses the Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

Ideal Protein provider Dr. Timothy Logemann discusses the health benefits his cardiology patients have experienced as a result of losing weight and how implementing the Ideal Protein Weight Loss protocol has benefited his practice.


Dr. Bagnell Benefits of Ideal Protein for OBGYNs

Ideal Protein provider Dr. Kelly Bagnel discusses the impact of healthy weight loss on her Obstetrics and Gynecology patients, as well as why the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol is the intensive weight loss program OBGYN practitioners should be offering in their practices.


Dr. Matzner The Benefits of a Healthy Weight Management Program for Chiropractic Practitioners

Ideal Protein provider Dr. Douglas Matzner discusses the importance of a healthy, sustainable weight management program and describes how the Ideal Protein Protocol has impacted his chiropractic clinic and patients.


Dr. Griffin The Relationship Between Living at a Healthy Weight and Overall Heart Health

Ideal Protein provider Dr. David Griffin describes the impact weight loss has on the overall health and wellness of his cardiology patients and why Ideal Protein was the right weight loss program for his practice.

Multiple Providers Testimonials from Ideal Protein Providers

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss and Weight Management Protocol is a turnkey program which can be easily adopted by medical practitioners of all modalities. Here is what some Ideal Protein providers have to say about the program.