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The story about weight and weight loss for me the founder of Ideal Weight Solutions, Channel partner for Ideal Protein in India is like what many people are facing today. A self-confessed foodie and always been on the heavier side and trying to lose weight with every new year resolution and having tried different things such as gyms, exercise classes, crash diets etc. but then I would just end up losing 1-2 kgs and gaining back 4-5 kgs afterwards. I had finally given up on losing weight but still continued to maintain a healthy lifestyle and that is when one of my doctor friends in the U.S who I was playing racquetball with, had suggested The Ideal Protein Protocol as it had been working very well with his patients.

And in January of 2016, after all the festive season in the U.S was over I started the protocol and by Mid-March, in ten weeks time, I had reduced 23 kgs. It was just unbelievable for my entire family and friends. The best part was that this journey of Ideal Protein not just made me healthy but also changed my perspective on food and the importance of my Macros. Later on as well one of my main concern was that I might gain all that weight back but by just following the principles of the protocol I was able to keep the weight off while still being able to eat all the foods. At that point, I believed that a protocol like Ideal Protein needs to be introduced in India and after conducting some initial research,it was very alarming on the rise of

obesity in India and also there were no structured weight loss protocols like Ideal Protein here and this is when we decided to leave our high paying corporate jobs in the U.S and launch the protocol in India to fight the obesity epidemic and make India healthier.

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