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Dr. A.V. Gurava Reddy | Managing Director |  Sunshine Hospitals

I am very happy to share with you my experience with Ideal Protein. I have successfully lost 10 Kgs weight in 6 weeks, thanks to Ideal Protein. Ideal Protein concept was very scientific and I went through the whole literature and followed their protocol very diligently. The result was quiet good and now am very happy after loosing 10 Kgs of body fat. The biggest challenge now is how to maintain what I have lost? Ideal Protein also have the solution for maintaining the weight which is again scientific and rational, which I am following currently, so that I can maintain my body weight without putting on any weight. Definitely Ideal Protein program has helped me and I am quiet glad with the scientific approach of their diet.

Dr. Krishna Kiran | Director Orthopaedics |  MaxxCure Hospital

I had started my weight loss journey 2 years and managed to shed 20 kgs in the last 2 years but the last 6-7 kgs of stubborn fat was troubling me and that when I got introduced to the Ideal Protein Protocol and in 3 weeks I have managed to successfully loose 6 kgs. There are a lot of fad diets going on but the most important thing that people miss out on is the adequate amount of protein and also lot of the people dieting do not realize that they need to take the supplements such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Multivitamins which is very essential for the body functioning. These protocol interested me because it had the ideal amount of protein to maintain the muscle mass and loose the body fat. After the first 2-3 days the protocol became very simple to follow and after following the protocol I have achieved my target weight and all the weight loss was only fat and I maintained my muscle mass.

Dr. Anitha Reddy | Ex-Principal |  Kasturbha Degree College

The Ideal Protein protocol has been very effective in burning the stubborn fat in the body. Even when I was travelling it was not very inconvenient because of the ready to eat food. I never felt week on the protocol. I lost about 4 Kgs in 3 weeks and there was good inch loss as well.

Umesh | IT Professional

I have been doing Ideal Protein diet for last 8 weeks. Before I started this diet I was 140 Kgs and as on today I am 119Kgs, I have lost total of 21 kgs in 8 weeks in a healthier way. I am planning to continue the diet till I reach my goal of 85kgs. This diet had very positive impact on my physical and mental well being. It has motivated and gained back my confidence in life. I would highly recommend this diet for anyone and everyone who is looking to achieve weight loss in more structured and healthier way. The best part of the diet is their meals/products which are palatable.

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